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In 1846, there was evidence of a school, town officers and churches for worship. The early settlers found the land good for farming, raising livestock, and numerous businesses flourished into the area. There were gristmills by Higgins and Fowle, which were mills where wheat, oats, corn, and barley were ground for food, people and cattle.
John Fowle also ran a sawmill to cut the oak trees into lumber for homes, barns and businesses. The settlement with  the post office and general stores were located near the First Congregational.
Church and School on Pine Street and Hawthorne Avenue, which was on the road to market. The mill was located on the east side of Mill Road and Oak Creek Parkway across from the lagoon spillway which was near the site of the Mill dam that provided water power for the sawmill and gristmill.
Which then leading to build local cities such as, South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Cudahy etc.
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