About our group, goals & mission

We are an organized group focused on restoring the South Milwaukee Lagoon/Mill Pond and bringing it back to its former glory. Mill Pond/Lagoon has a historical significance to not only the cities of South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Racine, Franklin, Cudahy & Milwaukee.....but to the nature of Grant Park. Throughout the years the Mill Pond/Lagoon has diminished in its quality of habitat. Along with its local surroundings. Our goal is the renewal of pond life, as well as the surrounding area. Many people have wonderful memories of family outings at the Mill Pond/Lagoon. We would like to be able to reminisce about fond memories and create opportunities for new memories to be made in the years to come such as: fishing, ice-skating, picnicking, paddle-boating, beer garden/bistro eating house.


Our mission is to restore the beauty of Mill Pond/Lagoon, and preserve its natural habitats. In order to do so, as a community, we need to pull together as one with all of our resources . We are asking for your support! 


50 Year Plan

Under Construction please stay tuned