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I see Beauty.

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As A child I didnt understand the differance between flowers and weeds.My mother would have my brother and I  do things to such as card making .In this way we were taught to care,even enjoy (or keep our little hands busy) we would (scribble) draw or place stickers on the card or colored paper and give them as gifts .In the same way my Mom used flowers as gifts.Free and pretty and tire out two little kids while picking.I looked forward to such  floral arrangements to pick and gift to my neighbors and family .I had access to dandelions!! I picked everyone in our yard and every single dandelion the neighbors allowed! At some point people would tire of recieving dozens upon dozens of dandelions  and yards would be sprayed or picked clean! I thought they were the most beauty flower,first yellow than come back as wishes...WHO WOULDNT WANT THESE BEAUTIES?

I see beauty~ I see a place I enjoyed ,it was full of animal life and trees and natural beauty.I see what was and what could be-But unlike the beauty that exists in my mind and my heart for dandelions because of my childhood memories..

.I see the damage and neglet done to this lagoon-I can no longer pretend of its glory but dream to change it -Restore

I still see beauty....BUT its in my team members and our supporters and The Community!

I believe its no longer a wish to see its beauty its become a choice  !

Decide  if its a beautiful memory or  beauiful future!

Rubber duckies

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Im on a rubber ducky kick lately..I noticed this one and it reminded me of a tutu my friend made me as a joke.You may notice I add lots of pictures and pic texts as well-If you see something cute or have photos you think I may use with pic font -feel free to inbox them to me-as well as OLD photographs (especially of an activity such as fishing,boating or feeding the ducks) Look forward to seeing your photos!


Avon Fundraiser

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Special Monthly AVON fundraiser to  help Restore the Lagoon!!!!

Please send me a message of what you would like to order

at  or call me at 414-764-2586

Thank you!!!!  AVON, Ind. Sales rep. Annette Sleeth

I support Signs

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Today 100  I SUPPORT  Restore the lagoon signs were delivered across South Milwaukee,Oak Creek and as far as Racine.

Many Thanks  to our Supporters and To The South Milwaukee Woman's club for Support...


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First and foremost.... A very special Thank You to our sponsors!!

1st: The South Milwaukee Woman's Club for not only your vote to support Restore the Lagoon...but also the donation to pay for all of our lovely "I SUPPORT RESTORE THE LAGOON" signs!

2nd: We'd like to thank  The South Milwaukee Walmart for your support and  on helping with supplies on item's that are very very much needed!!! Not ONLY on a daily basics for our team to get our duties done but also for the products to make our shirts along with all our upcoming events!

3rd: South Milwaukee Pick N Save....Thank you for support on our foundation along with all the extra supplies needed for the car wash!! Which helped raise a lot of donations to Restore the Lagoon! Not to mention all the up and coming support on our future events!

4th: Georgie Porgie's Thank you for sponsoring our first charity event and supporting us with the future of Restore the Lagoon! As well as offering to donate items for our raffels and silent auction at out upcoming events!

5th: TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS who have made an effort to get a hold of us whether by facebook, phone calls or coming to our homes to get our "I SUPPORT" signs!! THANK YOU! Without all the help, respect, donations & love that everyone has for this piece of history & push you all have.... to not only volunteer's at our events but to support our team.....We couldn't do it without all of you!!! Our community....

There are many many more sponsors that we will be thanking very shortly... BUT if we give them our thanks now....It will ruin the element of surprise of the special charity events that we'll be posting within the next couple of weeks!

Welcome to Restore the Lagoon blog

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This is my first time blogging, So I'm sure my style will change day to day...SO first some detail about Restore the Lagoon.

"YOU know your from South Milwaukee When" facebook group was started I  was reminiscing with others about the lagoon. This The conversation turned into talking about its repairs. I suggested  making a group and Since I know  how to set that up...I did!!

April 2012, it began. I than meet Mary Nelson and her daughter Annie (online.) We began a lagoon connection . We had  some knowledge due to Mary's years as a South Milwaukee Alder woman.We  found out what to do... A petition !! PEOPLE WERE Excited!! We got signatures and some hope... Then time passed..

 In 2014  Annette Sleeth questioned why did we start a fund for the lagoon. THE NEXT MORNING we had a gofundme account! ( My friend Cara Jensen asked, "What was going on and did I need her help?" Well Yes!!   We met and formed our team.

Now we have started a facebook page, a pinterest page, a twitter account and now a website with a blog. Along with our gofundme account.

We for see a future for our lagoon ...  Events and seasonal activities!

SOUTH MILWAUKEE LAGOON will come out BIGGER and BETTER than it historically was...WHY?? Well if you know my teammates you already know!  IF You don't ..... well lets just say my girls DON'T give up! I see the future of the lagoon and I'm sitting with my team and our supporters  and we're discussing the days activities...

We dont dont even discuss who did what... we just smile and go on with our lagoon activities knowing we got it all done... See everyone down there..... soon!!!

~ Marcia